Joining Sony / leaving Wolfstar.

Narr den. Not entirely sure who reads this blog anymore but here’s a quick note on something you probably won’t be interested in…

I recently joined Sony Mobile Communications’ Global Comms & PR team, Central Marketing, after (just under) four amazing, frustrating, eye-opening years @ Wolfstar PR…

Fresh outta Uni, I started as an intern, left as a Partner and literally saw it all over my formative years. I guess almost everything life’s rich tapestry could possibly throw at you: life lived; death; sex, drugs and cocoa puffs. Gotten the gist?

It’s pretty gutting to be leaving behind a group of talented and inspirational mates – Wolfstar is a special agency, with a special atmosphere and special people.

I‘ve actually been working with SoMC’s Global PR team on a near-full time basis since around August ’11, having done PR, social and the rest for Xperia PLAY… right up to every Sony Mobile product to date. I’ve PR’d through the €1billion Ericsson buyout, globetrotted for a tradeshow or two and met some rockstar hacks & flacks along the way.

So, I’m looking forward to: a new challenge, fresh environment, repaying the faith some familiar faces have shown in a scruffy youngster like me, broadening my corp-comms skillz and joining one of history’s most renowned brands.

And anyway, you only have to read Schmidt and Cohen’s “The New Digital Age” to get a bit excited about tech and the future…


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