How I got my first job in PR…

Being a little lazy here, but here’s one I made earlier – my contribution to a Wolfstar blog post today:

Way back when in 2009 I wanted to think of a cool (I thought cool…) way to get my foot through the PR door. After doing some Googling, I stumbled across Wolfstar – the agency immediately intrigued and appealed because a) the clients seemed HUGE for an agency with a Leeds office and b) it seemed to do things a little differently.

So, I scribbled up my cover letter as a press release! Contextual and original, I know. The headline probably *wasn’t* something as cheesy as “Fresh-faced recent graduate seeks new role”…*

Despite my relative inexperience, I tried to structure the release as you might expect – snappy title, to-the-point / BS-free opening gambit, some brief context and then a quote from the horse’s mouth, with the hope that I wouldn’t remain on the job market furlong. Sorry, sorry.

The key thing was – I wanted to show my prospective (and definitely) desired employers that I could handle PR’s “bread and butter” with aplomb, and all the better if it raised a smile or two. I’ve always thought the downfall of PR and print media is over-egged and glamourised – like Tim says, the core comms skill of structuring a message to get to the point will remain, regardless of the channel.

Anyway, I eventually received a call from Sam who offered me a weekly work experience slot – this started in January ’10 and ran until May, where I was interviewed for a full time position. The process was rigid – a 10 question sitting spanning the morning’s new’s agenda, most/least admired brands, biggest f**k ups and the like. The second round was with Tim, who had a knack of questioning my every answer in a blunt Alan Sugar-esque style. I half imagined him to point the finger, with “You’re fired”, right before I’d even been hired.

I survived the grilling and that’s all she wrote; starting out as an Account Exec, I’ve been here ever since. Oh, and in those early days someone printed out my press release and plastered it across the office for all to see, but not because it was exemplar…

*Said fresh face can be seen here


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