Let’s bounce

I’ll happily admit that Google Analytics aint my bag. Never has been. Pageviews, visits, unique this-and-that blah blah blah and I start to think about anything other than.

But, I work in social media, so I’ve been forced to confront my numerical-phobia and get to grips with what can be an incredibly useful PR measurement tool.

There seems something a little vacuous/inane about providing a client with a list of stats; even if the numbers are good (BIG), it still doesn’t really tell you anything.

Surely it’s better to build as much of a narrative around the stats as possible – so, STAT X with STAT Y tells us this.

I learnt this with da bounce rate… naively, I always thought you’d want a low bounce rate (%), because that indicates people are less likely to leave your site right?

But, if you are maintaining a high bounce rate and consistently high traffic, then this means that people are engaged and sticking around.

And that means LOYALTY.

You can have that for free.


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