Influencer relations and Poker

I love Poker. I’ve had some experiences with the game over the years – notably, my mates and I teaching a local gazillionaire how to play as he felt it’d help him feel more ‘sexy’ and being shafted after naively agreeing to play with two ‘novices’ the same night.

Anyway so, my Poker career really began in 2008, at a time when one of my best mate’s parents embarked on a ‘holiday’ to climb Everest. Amongst all the other things you might imagine a group of lads doing with the free-run of a large house in Bramhope for three months, we played a helluva lot of Poker.

If you think about it, good Poker is a lot like *good* influencer relations. The best sort of Poker is playing ‘tight’ – so, only play decent hands consistently and when you have poor cards, stop betting and throw them in. This way, when you start bluffing further down the line, people will assume, by the nature of your play, that you have good cards.

This tactic helps me when building relationships with journalists/influencers. The best outreach relations, albeit (hopefully) obvious, is when you don’t spam journos/influencers with irrelevant news releases or make an ill-conceived approach. Consistently providing them with relevant, targeted and genuinely useful and interesting content means they’re more likely to entertain – thus a beneficial and meaningful relationship is cultivated.

So, down the line when you come to contact a journalist you’ve dealt with previously, they’ll be more receptive to you, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got something quality and worthwhile.

My 2008 April to August non-taxable income …


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