Influencer identification for the discerning PR person

I could write a book picking flaws in Klout and PeerIndex and the metrics they’re built upon. But for now, let’s look at how the digital PR practitioner should be identifying and prioritising ‘influencers’ within a network.

Have a quick gander at the graph below:

Yes I know art’s not my forte, thank you for your kind thoughts.

So, the diagram above represents a popular piece of content’s (article, blog post, infographic, video- you name it!) journey through a network. Let’s use Twitter as the network for example’s sake. Following ok?

Points ‘A‘ and ‘B‘ are:

A‘- The person or people who bring the content into the network first.

B‘- The person or people who set off and ignite the content on its journey of mass sharing.

I realise holes can be picked in this concept, but identify those two groups and you’re on you way to having a pretty comprehensive set of ‘influencers’.

Now you’ve just got to engage, but that’s the easy part right?


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