Keeping it up – public relations and search

Disclaimer- This is a public relations, not an SEO post- keep this in mind as you read.

I’ll start off with the old chestnut, often spouted by many a PR talking head: ‘social media’s a bit like teen sex, everyone wants to do it, but no one knows how.’

Well, if social media to the PR practitioner is a drunken, amateur fumble then I reckon ‘search’ is viagra. Every PR person wants to keep it (their clients) up (search rankings), surely?

A PR person should have two main ‘search’ objectives:

  • to get positive coverage and/or PR content ranking highly against the client’s name or a relevant keyword
  • to get the client (website or coverage) ranking highly against relevant, high volume search terms
So how can you even start to think about how to do that? Well…
  • Research– see what relevant media outlets consistently appear in Google news and Google search
  • Optimisation– scatter that release full of keywords! But not just the obvious or desired culprits- do you know what terms people are using to find your client online? Extend that tail…
  • The bigger picture– use search to build the broader story, don’t just look at it as a digital PR ‘sticky plaster’. So, optimise every release with the aim of maintaining a ‘search legacy’ by sustaining those sought after first page rankings. This means, building relationships with those key publications and thinking of fresh content to keep your client up there and ranking against a certain term
I’ll follow this up with another search post (calm your excitement) on ‘legacy’ and ‘real-time’ PR search… maybe.

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