Global CSR social media research with the United Nations

Last week at Communicate‘s Social Media in a Corporate Context conference we hosted the Global Social Media and CSR Forum where Wolfstar Consultancy’s founding fathers (Tim and Stuart) were joined by Merran Wrigley (Cisco and ex-Sony Ericsson), Peter Bull (HSBC), Tim Johns (Ex-Unilever) and Will Kennedy (United Nations) for a panel discussion around corporate social responsibility and social media.

The event also saw us launch our Global Social Media and CSR Report that looked at how, and whether the Global FTSE 500 were using social media to communicate and support their CSR activity. The report was sponsored by the United Nations Office for Partnerships and Will kindly flew out from the Big Apple to join the panel and help us launch the report.

The report is the product of a study that began many moons ago, around about when I was just a young Wolf pup. For the initial stages we worked alongside Leeds Business School at Leeds Metropolitan University to give our methodology some academic grounding and to ensure our techniques and processes were robust.

After that, Jed and I donned our Labs hats, stocked up on stimulative substances (many of questionable legality) and burnt the midnight oil carrying out the research and analysis.

It was an epic opportunity to play a big role in a project of this magnitude and really satisfying to finally complete the research and release the study, especially after a difficult few months for the company 🙂

We found that less than a tenth of the world’s largest companies were using social media to support their CSR activity! Pretty shocking yo?!

You can see further key findings on our news release, some coverage on  The Wall and The Drum and did I mention Stuart blogged on it too?

Report below as standard…


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