The 11 most cringeworthy things in social media

I love social media, it’s my job, my preferred mode of communication but every now and then little nuances appear that make me say ‘oh dear’. In no particular order, here they are:

1. People on Twitter who feel the need to violate the English language by incorporating ‘Tw’ onto words.

Ohh you’re off to tweetup with some tweeple at a twestival? No thanks, I’ll go to a festival with people and not a set of Tw-ats.

2. People whoring themselves trying in vain to build a personal brand.

Do some real work! Personal brands are like any other brand; watch them grow rapidly when they’re recognised and shared by external voices and not your bleeting!

3. Middle-aged men cracking stale jokes and trying to be funny on Twitter.

Much of the humor is lost on me and makes me think of my drunken Uncle being lewd at a family wedding.

4. Geo-tagging.

See here. Next…

5. When a blog doesn’t have any contact details.

Hello…this is social media. Yes I work in PR but that doesn’t mean I always want to pitch you; I might want to engage, share and even express my personal love for your content!

6. Social media ‘gurus’.

Grow up- social media is conversation through technology; simple.

7. ‘Internet marketers and entrepreneurs’; where if followers were money; they’d be in Forbes.

Often American, either bearded or a ‘stay-at-home’ mum; sometimes even both. Mass following and un-following if it’s not reciprocated is strategically amateur; what did you say you were again?

8. Snobby fashion bloggers riding ‘high horses’.

I know beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, but in this case; it wouldn’t even be in the eyes of the beer-holder.

9. Bloggers directly asking for products so they can review them. Seems a tad ironic after number 5, but I do mean ASKING.

Proved two things: you’re cheap and are void of the creative nous to create original content. Made my job easy though.

10. People narrating every aspect of their lives though social networks.

How’d you think your real friends if you have any would take it if you repeatedly told them in the flesh you’re watching Corrie, eating the remnants of last night’s take-away. Get out more!

11. Juvenile bloggers who have a tendency to be ignorant.


You got anything cringier?


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