First Job

So i’ve completed five weeks in my first job as an Account Executive at PR and social media agency Wolfstar!

I originally intended to write this post after a month’s full time work, but, still standing somewhat on the cusp of studenthood and adulthood; tiredness, lazyness and toothache took over. I thought people were over exaggerating, when they spoke of their body clocks taking a couple of months to adjust to the working day; but they were right. At uni I (and my flat mates) used to consider 2am ‘an early night’; I remember climbing into bed before or at two feeling satisfied and confident at the prospect of getting up early.

In my first  couple of weeks at Wolfstar i was in bed by 9.30pm without fail. Some of my friends warranted this with cries of: ‘grandad’, ‘night walter’ and ‘you got your hot water bottle?’ and perhaps most gallingly I was banded a ‘sad act’ by my aunty. She’s 47.

Although, if she sees this; she’ll lynch me for putting her age online. Burn.

As usual Im digressing; my first month has been amazing. I’ve enjoyed every minute (even the early starts and peer heckling) and really feel i’ve learnt more in five weeks than I have at any point in my life. I feel incredibly fortunate to be working at such a progressive and innovative agency, yet the thing I enjoy most about Wolfstar is working alongside some of the most talented, creative and inspiring PR  people, actually; just ‘people’ I’ve ever come across. I know I can learn so much from this experience and I go into work every day looking forward to being stretched by these minds and repaying the faith that the company has shown in me!

I realise that paragraph has an air of ‘brown nosing’, but it’s far from. Never one for sucking up; I believe displaying raw talent, a hard work ethic and the ability to take risks is a far more steadfast way to get ahead 🙂 Looks like now’s a good time to straddle the proverbial high horse; I’d recommend PR to anyone and if you want to get into it: be yourself, work hard and don’t give up…or alternatively (advisably) ignore me and read what my colleagues Jed and Sam have to say about it!

Over and out.


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