The Queen is Dead

Full nappy?

I have to admit when I heard of the death of Alexander McQueen, I embarrassingly didn’t know who he was. The name merely rang a bell, and I could’ve probably taken a shot in the dark and only guessed he was a figure in the fashion world.

Upon reading newspaper coverage of his death I discovered he was a pioneer and innovator of ‘drop-crotch’ jeans. This style represents my favourite approach to denim fashion; ever since I bought my first pair two years ago I haven’t looked back and now own four pairs. To be honest I don’t think I’d buy any other type of jean again.

To some, the jeans look silly; the ‘drop-crotch’ section looks much like some sort of nappy device. I read one blog where someone snidely commented that they are most suited to people with colostomy bags. To me, they radiate a chilled out and relaxed style and manage to find the smart causal balance effortlessly. But that’s the thing with fashion: beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet the trends are propagated by the instigator.

I think that’s where McQueen’s influential legacy finds a stark significance; he incited a whole host of trends and ultimately metamorphosed  perceptions.

As a budding PR person, I take lessons from this. Like McQueen I aspire to influence, persuade and alter attitudes through my creative vision.



One thought on “The Queen is Dead

  1. hello, this is Mishy Doyle your childhood friend and Maurice aficionado…

    Anto you are such a good writer!!! keep up the bloggin’!!! alexander mcqueen is/was immense. check out one of his last shows that was inspired by charles darwin

    Those drop-pantyhose jeans are more MONGY than clare sapherson’s snot-encrusted face. please stop wearing them and burn ’em/ send ’em to Haiti.

    I will leave you with :

    “I bought an Alexander McQueen t-shirt today. The collar’s abit tight but it hangs well!!”



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