Just for starters…

This blog post marks my very first experience with blogging. I was inspired to start blogging because I am currently undertaking work experience at a social media agency. Over the six weeks I have come to realise the importance, significance and power of the blogosphere in the contemporary media landscape. It is within this landscape that I wish to ply my trade so I thought to hell with it, I’ll start blogging and tweeting and so on and so forth…

It all seemed a tad pretentious to me before. The act of telling people what you doing, being philosophical etc…who would give a monkeys? People will care if they’re interested or intrigued by what you have to say. Therefore, bar this rambling, I intend for this blog to have some specific focuses: social media, PR, news and some debate. In fact, most posts will be less concerned with subjectivity and centred more around my opinion, eg. The Sopranos is better than The Wire, Pacino over De Niro etc. I realise this is contradictory, oh well.

If nothing else this blog will serve to entertain me when I have nothing better to do 🙂

I toyed with the idea of blogging before I went travelling last Summer. Inspired by  a friend who had created a travel blog detailing his interrailing exploits a few years earlier, my friend and I decided to do the same. It never materialised…so maybe there’s a good place to start.

I have many good, bad and ugly (Brussels) memories of travelling. But my favourite had to be when we met up with my friend’s parents in Bled, Slovenia. Alex’s parents kindly treated us to a meal in a very, very classy restaurant in Bled castle overlooking the town’s famed lake.

The Castle Restaurant Overlooking The Lake

The food was exquisite; my medium-to-well beef’s gusto further enhanced by the view of The Lake glistening in the pale moonlight.

Alex’s mum requested a chartered description of our journey thus far: ‘You started in Amsterdam, what did you get up to there?’

I answered: ‘Well, we spent every night drunk, crawling the red light district like a couple of seedy perves, propositioning prostitutes with ridiculous and un-serious requests, talking to untoward characters about the importance of good health, forking out all our spare change to hysterically laugh at a peep show and knocking wigs off mannequins in sex shops.’

I didn’t really say that; I bit my lip unbelievably hard and let Alex tell his Mum of how we visited the Anne Frank museum etc. Three guesses as to what we really did.

I think that was the beauty of travelling; it really was a laugh a minute. I got to see some of the worlds best cities and most picturesque places, each gave us good and bad memories. Just wish I’d kept a blog so I could fully remember each and every one of them…


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